List of publications

Refereed papers

  1. Accretion kinematics through the warped transition disk in HD142527 from resolved CO(6-5) observations
    S. Casassus, S. Marino, S. Perez, P. Roman, A. Dunhill, P. Armitage, J. Cuadra, A. Wootten. G. van der Plas, L. Cieza, V. Moral, V. Christaens, M. Montesinos, 2015, ApJ, 811, 92
    [ADS] [astro-ph]
  2. Planet formation signposts: observability of circumplanetary disks via gas kinematics
    S. Perez, A. Dunhill, S. Casassus, P. Roman, J. Szulágyi, C. Flores, S. Marino & M. Montesinos, 2015, ApJL, 811, L5
    [ADS] [astro-ph]
  3. Precession and accretion in circumbinary discs: The case of HD104237
    A.C. Dunhill, J. Cuadra and C. Dougados, 2015, MNRAS, 448, 3545
    [ADS] [astro-ph]
  4. 1D accretion discs around eccentric planets: observable near-infrared variability
    A.C. Dunhill, 2015, MNRAS, 448, L67
    [ADS] [astro-ph]
  5. Prograde and retrograde circumbinary discs from infalling clouds
    A.C. Dunhill, R.D. Alexander, C.J. Nixon & A.R. King, 2014, MNRAS, 445, 2285
    [ADS] [astro-ph]
  6. The curiously circular orbit of Kepler-16b
    A.C. Dunhill & R.D. Alexander, 2013, MNRAS, 435, 2328
    [ADS] [astro-ph]
  7. A limit on eccentricity growth from global 3D simulations of disc-planet interactions
    A.C. Dunhill, R.D. Alexander & P.J. Armitage, 2013, MNRAS, 428, 3072
    [ADS] [astro-ph]


  1. Eccentric adventures in circumbinary discs
    A.C. Dunhill, 2015, in ASP Conference Series, 496, 412
    [ADS] [eprint]

A .pdf copy of my thesis, `Adventures with planets & binaries in accretion discs', can be downloaded from here (73 MB).