I am a data scientist and former astrophysicist, working at AQA on the Analytics & Data science team. I previously worked on a commercial data project for Shoppar at S2DS London 2018, modelling customer behaviour to predict engagement with in-store marketing materials and developing a computer vision software product to intelligently re-target existing marketing videos at a given customer.

In a past life I was a postdoctoral research associate at UCLan in Preston, as a member of Dr Dimitris StamatellosTheoretical Star Formation and Exoplanets Group working on various aspects of accretion disc physics. Previously I was a part of the Millenium ALMA Disc (MAD) Nucleus, helping to search for forming planets in protoplanetary discs. I have worked at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile’s Instituto de Astrofísica in Santiago, Chile before which I completed my PhD in the Theoretical Astrophysics Group at the University of Leicester.

email: a [dot] c [dot] dunhill [at] gmail [dot] com